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Mission Statement

thirty bees will endeavor to provide you with as much documentation as possible for every aspect of the software, so you are tooled with all the information you need regardless of your task. However, as this is all open-source, we rely heavily on the contribution of our user base. Please feel free to contribute where you can. The community appreciates it more than you will ever truly know!

Why thirty bees?

thirty bees is an eCommerce company founded around one basic principle: "listen to its community!" We believe with enough community input we can shape our e-commerce platform into the most stable feature-rich, Open Source platform in the world. We always welcome all community input and will apply changes as quickly as we can.

thirty bees Features

Listed are just some of the more prominent features of this software:

  • Easy product management and loading
  • Quick payment solution setup
  • Quick shipping solution setup
  • Ready for visitors out the box with Community Theme
  • Improved caching for faster shop
  • Improved export options
  • Native MailChimp module
  • Native Blog module
  • Clean urls in the core
  • Canonical urls
  • Developer and profiling control in the back office
  • Compatible with almost all PrestaShop 1.6 modules and themes

For more about the available features, see .

This website was set up to flow in the order of the menu. First, follow all the directions for setting up the proper environment for installing thirty bees. Next read the Merchants Guide to familiarize yourself with the management of your site. Lastly, read any SEO and, likewise, guides to learn the best practices when adding to your shop. There are also guides for Developers, Designers, Modules Makers and System Administrators.

Getting started

Now that you've had the 2 cent tour, head on over to the Installation Guide to learn about setting up the proper server environment and getting thirtybees installed!