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Getting Started

thirty bees 1.0.X

Welcome to the thirty bees Merchants Guide. You will find these pages updated as often as possible with the latest information available. thirty bees is an open source platform that is heavily dependent on its community contributors. If you see any errors or missing information and believe you can help, please feel free to contribute.

Understanding thirty bees

Before logging in and getting started, let's first go over thirty bees. There are two parts to your store. The Front Office and the Back Office. The Front Office refers to the "face" of your website, or what your customers see when they visit your store. The Front Office is controlled by an installed theme and various modules in the Back Office.

The Back Office is where you and your employees log in and administer the store. It is where you change all your settings, add products, switch themes, add modules and everything else related to your store.

Customizing thirty bees

thirty bees provides two free themes with every installation. The default theme and the united theme. You or your web designer can modify and create your own themes to adapt to your brand identity. Read our Designer's Guide section for more information on theme building and modifications.

Setting up thirty bees

Throughout this guide, we will document all the settings and options available in the thirty bees Back Office. thirty bees is designed to work "out of the box" with just a few basic settings and adjustments.

Next Steps

Start familiarizing yourself with the Back Office.

What Else Should You Do?

Study the SEO Guide. Utilize our forums and read our blog posts found in Online Resources.