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The Bees Blog is the default thirty bees blog module. Just about every e-commerce site needs a blog to help educate users and also help with SEO.


  • Included in feed: Yes
  • Uses overrides: No
  • Compatible versions: All
  • Location: Front Office Features
  • Change log: View Releases

Module Features

  • Adds a blog to your site
  • Adds blog feed to home page
  • Adds features posts to columns
  • Allows for Disqus comments on blog posts

In your back office module feed the blog module looks like the image below.

thirty bees blog install

Using the module

Once you install the module, it installs several other modules that operate with the Bees Blog. The other modules it installs are:

  • Bees Blog Categories
  • Bees Blog Popular Posts
  • Bees Blog Recent Posts

The configuration for these modules is handled in the main Bees Blog module. Once you install the main Bees Blog module, you will see the other modules in your feed like the image below.

thirty bees blog other modules


On the configuration screen of the Bees Blog module you can set:

  • The meta title for the main blog page
  • The meta description for the main blog page
  • The blog url
  • The number of posts per page
  • Show author name on the posts
  • Showing the dates of the posts
  • Show the number of posts
  • Social media buttons on the posts
  • Author name format
  • Showing of the category image
  • Disqus user name for Disqus comments

Below is what the main configuration page of the module looks like.

thirty bees blog configuation