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You can install the master or follow a release package - Recursively clone the repository and choose tag release version number from the -b parameter: shell $ git clone https://github.com/thirtybees/ThirtyBees.git --recursive -b #.## - Then cd into the ThirtyBees folder - Run composer to install the dependencies: shell $ composer install - Then install the software as usual, using either a web browser (https://example.com/install-dev) - Or install via command line php /install-dev/index_cli.php - Arguments available:

--step all / database,fixtures,theme,modules,addons_modules    (Default: all)
--language  language iso code   (Default: en)
--allLanguages  install all available languages (Default: 0)
--timezone      (Default: Europe/Paris)
--base_uri      (Default: /)
--domain        (Default: localhost)
--db_server     (Default: localhost)
--db_user       (Default: root)
--db_password       (Default: )
--db_name       (Default: thirtybees)
--db_clear  Drop existing tables    (Default: 1)
--db_create Create the database if not exist    (Default: 0)
--prefix        (Default: tb_)
--engine    InnoDB  (Default: InnoDB)
--name      (Default: thirty bees)
--activity      (Default: 0)
--country       (Default: fr)
--firstname     (Default: John)
--lastname      (Default: Doe)
--password      (Default: 0123456789)
--email     (Default: [email protected])
--license   show thirty bees license    (Default: 0)
--newsletter    get news from thirty bees   (Default: 1)
--send_email    send an email to the administrator after installation   (Default: 1)