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Reporting bugs for thirty bees is a simple and easy process. We have two places that we have dedicated to taking bug reports.


GitHub is our first choice to handle bug reports. Users can pick the specific module or repository from where the bug is present and use the issues tab on the repository page to post the bug. This makes it easy for us as a team, because we can see reports associated with each different module or the core of the software.

Our official forum

We realize not everyone has a Github account, so on our official forum we have a sub forum dedicated to bug reports. This is where we would like all the bug reports posted if they are being posted to the forum. It gives us one centralized place on the forum where we can deal with bugs in the software and close them quickly and easily. View our bug report forum

Writing a good bug report

Having a well thought out prepared bug report increases the speed in which we can solve a bug. If we have to have a lot of back and forth with the reporter to isolate the issue, it will make it take longer and we will be able to fix less bugs in the software.

Things that a good bug report should include:

  • Software version
  • Module version, if modules are an issue
  • Did you test with 3rd party modules disabled?
  • Did you test with overrides disabled?
  • Is there an error in the server error logs (best for white screen errors)
  • PHP and MYSQL versions on the server
  • How to reproduce the problem

And anything else you can think of that will help us find and solve the problem quickly.

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