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The EU Cookie Consent module allows shops to comply with EU laws regarding notifying users that your site uses cookies, which all thirty bees sites do.


  • Included in feed: Yes
  • Uses overrides: No
  • Compatible versions: All
  • Location: Front Office Features
  • Change log: View Releases


  • Complies with EU cookie law
  • Configurable layouts
  • Configurable text
  • Works with geo-location

Several years ago the EU passed a law requiring sites to notify users if cookies were being used on the site. Most sites use cookies to store some sort of information about the users, thirty bees included. This module allows you to comply with the EU law. The module is available in your module feed and looks like the image below.

thirty bees eu cookie consent


Once you install the module you will need to configure the module. The text for both the button and the message is configurable. You can also select from one of several pre-made layouts for the cookie notification. The module is highly configurable so that you can design a notification that perfectly blends into your site. You can see the configuration settings below.

thirty bees eu cookie consent