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Advanced EU Compliance module by thirty bees The advanced EU compliance module for thirty bees makes the necessary changes to your site to comply with the EU e-commerce regulations.
APCu Cache Manager by thirty bees The APCu cache module allows you to view your site's usage of the APCu cache so you can better tune your site for performance by optimizing the cache.
Bees Blog module by thirty bees The bees blog module adds a full featured blog to the thirty bees core. Allowing you to make blog posts and display your blog fdeed on your site.
Payment Module - Custom Payment Methods by thirty bees The custom payment module allows you to set up forms of custom payments such as purchase order, money orders, and pay by check on your site.
Dash Activity module by thirty bees The dash activity module allows you to see a heads up display of recent visitors, unread messages, and abandoned carts directly from your dashboard.
Dash Goals module by thirty bees The dash goals allows you to set performance goals for your thirty bees site based on traffic, conversions, and average cart value.
Donation Miner module by thirty bees The donation miner module is an experiment run by thirty bees to see if crypto-currency mining can help support open source development.
Elasticsearch by thirty bees thirty bees Elastic Search module funded by our community
EU Cookie Consent module by thirty bees The EU cookie consent module allows your site to comply with the EU regulation letting users know that your site uses cookies.
JSON + LD Module by thirty bees The JSON + LD module creates JSON data in the head of your site to be sent to search engines instead of using microdata rich snippets.
MailChimp module by thirty bees The Mailchimp module allows merchants to connect their site to Mailchimp using all the e-commerce features they provide for merchants.
Memcache Manager by thirty bees The memcache manager modules allows you to view your site's memcache stats and memory usage as it is happening to better tune your cache.
No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA - by thirty bees Nocaptcha recaptcha module protects the forms on your site by adding the Nocaptcha cache to verify users are not automatic bots.
Payment Module - Paypal by thirty bees Our Paypal module allows your site to quickly and easily accept many of the different Paypal payment methods on your thirty bees website.
Piwik Analytics module - by thirty bees Are you looking to host your own statistics? Or are you tired of sharing your visitor information with Google? Piwik is your answer.
Stripe payment module by thirty bees Our Stripe payments module allows your thirty bees website to easily accept Stripe payments, Stripe's EU payments, and ApplePay on your site. live chat module by thirty bees Tawkto is a free live chat that you can use on your site to quickly and easily help customers with customer service issues.
thirty bees updater by thirty bees The thirty bees updater module is the official module from thirty bees to keep your website updated to the latest, greatest version of thirty bees.