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thirty bees Orders

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Merchandise Returns

Delivery Slips

Credit Slips


On this screen you can create the statuses that your orders go through, from pre-payment to post shipment and returns. To create a new status, click the Add New


  • Status Name - The name of the status that will appear on emails and in the Back Office.
  • Icon - Set an icon for this status.
  • Color - Set the color for this status.

  • Consider the associated order as validated -

  • Allow a customer to download and view PDF versions of his/her invoices -

  • Hide this status in all customer orders -

  • **Send an email to the customer when his/her order status has changed

  • Attach invoice PDF to email

  • Attach delivery slip PDF to email

  • Set the order as shipped

  • Set the order as paid

  • Show delivery PDF

Return Status

  • Status Name -
  • Color -

Order Messages

On this screen you can customize the pre-formatted autoamted messages that can be sent to your customers. To create new messages, click the Add New Order Message in the top right corner.

  • Name - Required - The name of the message.
  • Message - Required - The actual message to be sent.