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thirty bees Price Rules

Cart Rules

Here you can create discounts and coupon codes for your store. Simply click the Add New in the top right corner and get prompted with 3 screens full of choices.


  • Name - Required - The name of your voucher (will show up on the invoice).
  • Description - Optional - Description for yourself. Customers never see this.
  • Code - Optional - The code ("voucher") customers will use to be granted the discount. If no code is entered, it will be automatically applied to all those applicable.
  • Highlight - Optional - Show the discount in the cart for customers to click and apply.
  • Partial Use - Optional - If the voucher is greater than the customer price, a new voucher will be created with the remaining balance.
  • Priority - Optional - A cart rule with a priority of 1 will be processed before priority 2, etc.
  • Status - Required - Enable or Disable the voucher.


  • Limit to Single Customer - Optional - The option to make the voucher specific to one customer only.
  • Valid - Required - Set the FROM and TO date that the voucher will be valid for.
  • Minimum Amount - Optional - Choose the minimum amount that has to be in the cart with or without taxes and shipping.
  • Total Available - Required - How many total vouchers are available for useage?
  • Total Available For Each User - Required - How Many vouchers can each customer use?
  • Restrictions:
    • Carrier Selection - Optional - Choose which carriers can and cannot be applied along with the voucher.
    • Customer Group Selection - Optional - Choose which customer groups can and cannot use the voucher.
    • Compatibility With Other Cart Rules - Optional - Choose whether or not other vouchers can also be used.
    • Product Selection - Optional - Choose the amount of products required in the cart. Choose by product, attribute, category, manufacturer or supplier what needs to be in the cart.


  • Free Shipping - Optional - Offer Free shipping along with the useage of a voucher.
  • Apply a Discount - Optional - Set either a percentage or dollar amount discount or no discount.
  • Send a Free Gift - Optional - Choose an item to send along as a free gift with use of the voucher.

Catalog Price Rules

This is where you can create store-wide discounts. Keep in mind that these are automatic discounts that do not require a code. In the top right corner, click add new to begin creating the discount.

  • Name - Required - The name that will appear on the invoice.
  • Currency - Optional - Apply the discount only to certain currencies.
  • Country - Optional - Apply the discount only for certain countries.
  • Group - Optional - Apply the discount only for certain groups.
  • From Quantity - Required - Set the number of products that must be added to the cart for the discount to apply.
  • Price (Tax Excl.) - Optional - Set a specific price. (This only applies if you uncheck Leave Base Price).
  • Leave Base Price - Optional - Keep the original price stricken out and show the sale price near it.
  • From - Optional - The start date of the discount.
  • To - Optional - The end date of the discount.
  • Reduction Type - Optional - The type of discount (dollar amount or percentage).
  • Reduction With/Without Taxes - Optional - Will the reduction be applied before or after tax calculation?
  • Reduction - Required - The amount of the reduction.
  • Conditions: - Optional - Requirements for the discount to be applied.
    • Category - Apply the discount based on a category(s).
    • Manufacturer - Apply the discount based on a certain manufacturer(s).
    • Supplier - Apply the discount based on a certain supplier(s).
    • Attributes - Apply the discount based on an attribute.
    • Features - Apply the discount based on a feature.


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